Al-Rasheed Security Equipment Co.

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Al Reasheed Security Equipments Co Dubai provide walk-through and hand-held scanners that are used to safeguard facilities in Middle East, such as schools, airports, prisons and embassies, and special events, such as athletic competitions, political conventions, concerts, and high-profile ceremonies.

The use of walk-through and/or hand-held metal detectors to deter and detect weapons possession is in places with high traffic like airports, schools, courthouses, special events and in places with moderate traffic like hospitals, government facilities, banks, entertainment facilities (malls, bars, discos, restaurants).

Other environment application is for reverse checkpoint security screening, the use of walk-through metal detectors to deter and detect merchandise/product theft; law enforcement screening, the use of hand held and/or security ground search detectors to detect stolen property and crime scene evidence, and to conductpolice searches.

Walk-through metal detectors main features:

  • A dual access non-resettable code to safeguards calibration settings and an audible alarm to reveal any unauthorized access attempts.
  • A built-in overhead electronics compartment to eliminate the inconveniences of a cable-connected console.
  • Multi-phase frequencies and variable tone settings to facilitate multi-unit operation.
  • Modular electronics and unit design for easy on-site assembly and maintenance.

Hand-held metal detectors

A long-time favourite of security and law enforcement professionals around the world, hand-held metal detector is virtually eliminating the need for pat downs during weapons screenings, saving patrons from embarrassment and helping to protect security/law enforcement officers from needles and other harmfulparaphernalia. Scanner provides uniform sensitivity along the scan area including tip pinpointing.

Ground search metal detectors

Law enforcement and security agencies around the world rely on ground search detectors to help them recover stolen property, concealed weapons, and crime scene evidence, such as revolvers, knives, ammunition and vehicles.

Whether you're looking for a shell casing in the grass, a murder weapon in a lake or a knife buried in a prisonyard, you can count on ground search detector to help you find it.

Ground search metal detectors are commonly used by law enforcement and security professionals to:

  • Detect buried weapons
  • Investigate crime scenes
  • Recover stolen property
  • Retrieve hidden weapons
  • Discover contraband