Al-Rasheed Security Equipment Co.

CCTV System

Al Reasheed Security Equipments Co provide the most up-to-date & cost effective security solutions for all your CCTV needs, with a variety of cameras & accessories from leading manufacturers.

Cameras come in many shapes and sizes and with varying capabilities. To make a good choice, it helps to understand broad categories of cameras first. At Citytec, we divide the cameras we offer into four general groupings:

Traditional cameras: These are what usually come to mind when you think of surveillance cameras. Because they\'re clearly recognizable, they can serve as a visual deterrent to theft or other criminal activity. Traditional cameras are generally used in high-traffic locations such as lobbies, hallways and warehouses. Traditional cameras accept a variety of lenses, making them a versatile choice for many applications.

Discreet cameras: As their name implies, these fixed cameras blend into the background, either because of their small size or design. Use discreet cameras where you don\'t want conspicuous surveillance. 

Covert cameras: These fixed cameras extend the idea behind discreet cameras. They actually look like common objects, such as exit signs, motion sensors and smoke detectors. Businesses often use covert cameras to resolve incidents of recurring theft from an unwatched area, like a break room, or to investigate the activities of a dishonest employee.

Dome cameras: Because dome cameras are housed in a transparent or semitransparent dome, they re less obtrusive than traditional cameras. On mini-dome cameras, the installer can set the camera\'s position during installation, and can also set the specific field of view with a varifocal lens. Other dome cameras include a pan-tilt unit, which allows you to control the cameraposition using a keypad, joystick or computer software

Not only does Al Reasheed Security Equipments Co offer a wide variety of cameras, we offer a wide variety of all video surveillance products. From monitors and control keypads to digital video recorders and groundbreaking, video-based human detection systems like VideoIQ, Citytec offers everything you need to create a complete video surveillance system.

As with our cameras, we design and install every other line of our security products based on customer needs, and using the latest technology.