Al-Rasheed Security Equipment Co.

Voice Evacuation Systems ( EVAC )

Voice Evacuation System, EVAC, combines a multi-channel fully digital bus structure with a robust, industry proven, powered speaker system for manifold public address applications.

The multi-channel system VARIZONE carries audio content to individual play-out locations, allowing highly-focused paging, voice evacuation and microcasting of individual audio programs. 

VARIZONE automatically checks for technical and signal faults throughout the entire system and down to the component level so that personnel can be alerted thus minimizing downtime and loss of building communications and security.

Individual paging to any speaker and zone
Easy planning - paging zones can be defined any time
One system for EVAC, BGM and paging
Flexibility allows fast and easy reconfiguration and expansion
All components and every single loudspeaker can be monitored individually and guarantees best possible system surveillance
Digital multi-channel design allows individual evacuation of even the smallest zones


The VARIZONE network uses a Digital Speaker System (DSS) bus format to transmit data and power at 48 Volts over the same wires from a central play-out station to the loudspeakers.

The DSS bus combines central network structures with a bus architecture, saving on cabling and wiring time and eliminating the need for additional hubs and routers even for the largest networks. Power Bridges are available to refresh the digital bus signal after long distances and to load additional power to the bus whenever needed.

A DSS bus can effectively run unlimited distances. The bus format is guar­anteed to transmit 8 channels of audio to 200 m (660 ft) without the need to refresh data in addition to bidirectional control and surveillance data.


VARIZONE's system monitoring far exceeds all international security and safety standards. Each loudspeaker as well as each PAM is monitored and controlled. In case of failure of one PAM the other PAMs in the system are never affected so that in this case only a maximum of 4 loudspeakers are out of operation. All central components can be duplicated and the mains input of the central power supplies can be buffered by an external UPS.