Abdullah M Al-Rasheeed Contracting


The heart of effective quality management for any business is under­ standing and delivering  products and services in line with clients re­ quirements, with maximum effectiveness. Ensuring that your products and services are ahead of your competitors in the marketplace is key to growth, and maintaining and improving that quality is a continuous challenge.

We understand the aspects of quality management that are key to increased productivity  - customer  satisfaction,  but also increased ef­ fectiveness,  maximum output and quality control. our network of quality management specialists  provide training for continuous  im­ provement, auditing and certification services to ensure that your quality management system is effective and in accordance with global best practices. Our services dedicated to quality management, cover processes,  products and services.

We have the largest network of highly skilled and experienced staff and trainers worldwide,  and facilities  and laboratories that are avail­ able round the clock. We will provide a clear assessment of your processes and organization to empower and encourage your staff to consistently  put quality first,  improve performance and ensure your quality management meets international standards.